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About The Course

Are you looking to work in the UK? Confused by the process and struggling to find help so you can pass your NMC CBT exams? You have come to the right place. We can help. We have in one place, all the training you need to pass your CBT exams and a comprehensive guide and introduction to the OET exams and what you need to know and can expect from the exam itself.

Any nurse wanting to work in the UK, has to pass the NMC CBT exams and clear the OET language assessment exams. Many recruitment agencies will not help you until you have these completed. Post Covid, NHS hospitals are only shortlisting nurses for interview if these two exams are cleared. This is because nurses who have passed their CBT and OET are already much further down the track and are quicker to hire and relocate. The simple fact is, if you have not completed these steps, you are at the back of the hiring line. Not where you want to be.

How does it work?

We all know that finding time to attend classes to study and pass your CBT is not always possible. Taking time off work, travelling to a classroom and sitting through boring lessons is a thing of the past. Our course is different! Completely online and specifically designed to work on your mobile phone, our course is ready whenever you are. On the bus, in the break room or at home. Learning content is split into bite size chunks covering the main headings of each module. This means you can cover a module in a 5 – 10 minutes, perfect for when you have a short break.

What's included in the CBT training

Up to date new 2022 syllabus

Background to the UK
Healthcare system.

All 7 Platforms of the Nursing Competencies.

The NMC Code (all 4 Themes)

The Communication Annex to the Nursing Competencies.
The Medicines Calculations
57 PDF support documents and 128 video clips

4 mock exams and review questions for each module.

What's included in the OET training

Introduction to each of the 4 exams explaining how they are structured, what is being tested and what to expect on exam day.

Animated sample tests for you to see how each of the 4 elements are tested on exam day plus hints and tips on practicing.

48 video clips

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